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GWT and J2EE

April 21, 2008

My quest after a consistent AJAX interface continues with the next stop, GWT. It sounds impressive that I only have to code Java, and the client will be compiled in static HTML and JavaScript by the GWT compiler. It provides the complete platform independence. Once compiled, the web pages can be used within any web server.

What about the client server communication? Is this a step back to the static content? Standard GWT provides mechanisms of calling a servlet, with  given classes, which have to implement a proprietary GWT serialization interface. Further researches revealed GWT-EXT, here are even MVC GUI controls available.

So once the client-server communication layer is implemented, development of enterprise J2EE applications can be accomplished quite fast. A closed source application, gwt-plus, with a cost of about $200/year provides a transparent way of working with the beans and collection of beans on the server side over the GWT RPC from the GWT client.