The future of MDA

I have discovered MDA, through the AndroMDA project, about 4 years ago. The idea of automatically generating some repeated patterns, the amaizing power of generating a database structure, Entity Beans or Hibernate linkage files by only providing an UML diagram model, the capability of keeping a minimal description (the UML document) have all convinced me not only to learn how AndroMDA works, but also to start using it in production.

As for today, I have used AndroMDA in at least 6 distinct projects. I didn’t use the clasical path shown by AndroMDA. I have chosen atomic Maven projects either 100% UML generated or 100% manual. No file was manually changed after generation, this pattern proved to be desastruous in practice.

I am wondering what is the today future of the MDA. As I was warning 5 month ago a developer of ArgoUML about a minor issue, they exclamated “wow, you are still using AndroMDA!”. So what is the next MDA product? Any answers from the community?


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